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Blueberry Cheese

Genetics:  (Blueberry x Cheese) ♂ x UK Big Buddha Cheese ♀
Strain: Sativa Indica Hybrid Flowering Time:  8 - 9 Weeks
Height: Tall Yield: Good

These flowers inherent a soft fruity kiss of blueberry anchored in a strong underlying flavor that's slightly funky with a woodsy edge. The combined taste is unmistakably Cheese. Musky and spicy with a sweet cotton candy nose. Patients in search of connoisseur flavors will find the yield to be generous when compared to other varieties in this category. The biggest pleasure of the Blue Cheese is its effects, which comes on smooth on easy, and stays very functional while creating a feeling of great euphoria. This medication opens the mind by relaxing the body.

Blueberry Cheese Clones


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OrganiCann - (707) 588-8811
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